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Most Bondage Sites Are Scams

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Don't Get Spanked! Most Bondage Dating Sites Are Scams.

Only 3 of the 14 sites we reviewed were legit. Find out which ones are worth your time and which should just be shown the door.

The Best Bondage Dating Sites to Tie Up Your Attention

Welcome to!

If you’re new to sites like this, you might not know where to start. That’s OK, we were all new to BDSM and the bondage lifestyle at some point, and we don’t mind sharing our tips.

We’re a group of guys who love bondage.

We’re not talking the little “Yeah, if I get drunk you could put some handcuffs on me” kind of bondage that a lot of guys say they’re into. We love bondage in all its forms, from the most vanilla kind with easy-release knots in the silk scarves to the hardcore shibari stuff.

No matter what level of bondage you’re into, we can help you to find the best places to meet women. This site can help you no matter what gets you going—and we cater to guys who are entering the bondage scene at all levels.

We need to find kinky partners.

None of us guys are actually in long-term committed relationships. A lot of guys who are into bondage are lucky in that they have wives, girlfriends, or committed partners that they can share kinky experiences with.

None of our little group of guys have had luck with that yet, or they prefer to play the field. That just means we have a lot of experience in finding kinky people to play around with—and we can help pass that experience on to you, so you don’t have to do the work yourself.

We know how hard it can be.

Dating in general is hard enough. Finding someone you like that you can also share a niche interest like bondage with is even more difficult, because the pool of people that you pull from is much smaller.

In order to find a great partner for bondage, you need to find the best sites for hooking up with other like-minded people who can empathize with your personal interests.

You also need a lot of luck—or experience.

It’s just plain not easy to find partners on your wavelength, but you can manage it if you know properly what you’re doing. This is because there just aren’t as many people who are into bondage as are into regular dating.

We created this website to help.

We’ve had so much experience in bondage dating and fetish dating that we wanted to share that experience with others. We want to make sure that all the mistakes we’ve made won’t go to waste.

If they can be used to help out other guys and keep them from messing up like we have, we’ll consider it a huge success. We feel grateful to the fetish community for a lot of things, not least among which is the way they’ve embraced us over the years.

We can help you find dates. Yes, even sex dates.

When you’re active in the BDSM and fetish community, you start to learn the tips and tricks of the trade. We can help you out with the stuff we’ve learned that newbies usually wouldn’t know about.

If you follow our guides, you’ll soon know all you need to know about the kinds of things you could get into on these sites, safety tips, and other things we’ve gleaned from our experience. Our blog also has a lot of great information.

We’ll help you find the best sites.

The key to finding the best kinky partners is in finding out where they’re waiting. We can help you find the sites with the highest membership rates, which will help you find the best kinky partner.

Of course, membership numbers are not always the most important thing you need to know about a site, especially when it comes to a bondage dating site. You want to know whether the site is sex- and-kink-positive, and whether the site treats its members with respect.

We’ll help you find the site that’s right for you—because we tested them.

Our bondage dating site reviews are in-depth so that you never have to stumble unknowingly into a site that will just want to take advantage of you or get your money. We want you to have a GOOD experience with bondage, and that starts with finding a good bondage dating site.

Don’t wait too long.

The perfect partner for you might already be waiting!